Carissa Jeanette Trepka,

Self taught artist working with watercolor, acrylic and textile arts.

I find creating to be inherently therapeutic. I make patterns when I need structure in my life, I make abstract work when I need to let loose. There is something in the process that transcends the lines you make or the colors you choose. I find peace in watching a work of art grow. I gain confidence when I decide a piece is finished.

I work mostly with Acrylic paints, pen & ink, and Adobe Illustrator. However, enjoy trying my hand at all other methods, mediums, skills, tools and so on. Also, block printing is a noteworthy activity when life becomes extra challenging.

In many ways art has saved my life, and after some years working as a Social Worker, it came to me that art has real healing powers. In every piece I create there is the hope that someone who sees it will be inspired to create something of their own, and that in that process they learn something about themselves that feels good.

I aim to reach others on as many platforms as possible. My work has been shown in coffee shops, galleries and other venues in Portland, Oregon. I am constantly working to have pieces shown beyond the confines of one city.

I create commercial art as a means to survive and spread inspiration to otherwise unreachable places, and I encourage people to reach out with ideas for collaborations, commissions and any other project that will allow us to work creatively together.

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