Brooke L Dabalos,
Jewelry Artist

Handmade healing jewelry and intuitive reader.

Instagram @theladyoflighting
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Brooke Dabalos, known as The Lady of Lightning, offers energetic healing, jewelry, workshops, spiritual counseling, and intuitive card readings that assist her clients through all transitions in life. Based in Portland, Oregon and a frequent visitor of neighboring states, she spreads healing light that transmutes emotional, physical, and mental pains and discomfort, that often keep us from living in our full potential. The intuitive messages Brooke receives during healing sessions and readings ignite necessary paradigm shifts to create positive changes in the lives of every person she connects with. By sharing her gifts and healing others, Brooke’s objective is to be loving and compassionate in all circumstances, and inspire people to remember the greatness of who they truly are.

Artist Images

Citrine Earrings


Wire-Wrapped Pieces


The Intuitive Power Hair Clip


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