Brianna Diaz,
Jewelry Artist

Handmade, silver jewelry inspired by nature

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Materials and nature are my two biggest inspirations. Metal, my chosen medium, allows me to delve into various aspects of my personality. My rugged self comes in to play in the use of fire, saws and power tools, where my more feminine side comes out in the details: flowers, hearts and scalloped bezels. I am infatuated by the variety of organic shapes and textures found in nature. No two leaves, snowflakes, or butterflies are ever identical, much like the pieces that I create. Likewise, every stone I set differs from the last and I am inspired by each one. Many gems from this line, including druzies and carnelian, were locally sourced.

During the last six years of my life, I uprooted from Los Angeles and moved to coastal, rainy northern California, where I learned my trade. It was when I decided to once again change locations to rainier Portland when this series came to mind. It is a tribute to my beloved redwood forest and this new place I call home. This collection reflects my feelings: nostalgia for a place that I left behind, and excitement for this new chapter of my life, filled with dreams and aspirations. Nature as an influence allows for endless possibilities, which I intend to continue exploring. Working at this craft enables me to push myself and attempt different techniques but still be my creative self.

Artist Images

twin leaf and turquoise earings in sterling silver


black mother of pearl ring with texture and pebble details in sterling silver


chalcedony and prehnite pendant with trillium details in sterling silver


Dogwood and labradorite pendant in sterling silver


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