Brian James Devine,

I sell original landscape paintings and high quality prints

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I am a lifelong artist, influenced always by the glimpses of beauty and moments of stillness that inspire while on a hike in the woods or looking at yellowed photos or listening to an old Neil Young record or meandering the bungelow-lined streets of my Portland hometown.  I look backwards for inspiration, seeking a spark from archived Americana and folsky, small town scenes of nostalgia.  I strive to create art that feels organic, wistful and timeless, like an heirloom passed on from a bygone era.  Railroad trestles, weathered front porches, autumn fields, crumbling chimneys and flocks of birds all capture my gaze and inform my vision for creating something that lasts

Artist Images

Coastal Giants


Gorge Flock


Bridge to the Forest


Mirror Image




Lost Lake


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