Brian Hammond,

AI generated landscapes inspired by the PNW

Instagram @generative.curiosities

Greetings! My name is Brian, a Portland-based digital artist whose passion for artistry took flight years ago as I stood, digital camera in hand, captivated by the majesty of a distant mountain.

Though I remain a fervent photographer, my current artistic expression primarily revolves around a cutting-edge AI image generation model called Stable Diffusion. While my muse remains the unparalleled beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the lens through which I present this beauty has evolved.

My artwork captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest, infused with an underlying sense of awe and profundity found in nature. Utilizing AI text-to-image models as my artistic medium enables me to wield concepts like a paintbrush. Each stroke reveals intricate, fractal images that echo the grandeur of the whole - mountains composed of smaller mountains, trees constructed of countless other trees. My mission is to showcase the marvelous and distinctive creations that this innovative medium allows us to bring to life.

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