Beth Kerschen,

A photo illustrator focusing on capturing what makes a city unique.

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In my work, I blend architecture, urban details, and fleeting moments to tell a richly layered story not possible individually. I have always been fascinated with buildings; from my travels abroad to the historic skyline of my longtime home in Boston. More recently, I have been attracted to the city details around us: restored retro signage, the oddly painted door, or the outdoor cafe made from an old bus. These are expressions of human creativity; this is the essence of what I am trying to capture in my work. With printmaking, I use an etching technique called solarplate intaglio to translate photographic elements into printed form and then combine several plates into a single scene. These composite scenes build a narrative that represents how I experience the world in an attempt to create a feeling of nostalgia, permanence and personality.

Artist Images

Portrait of Portland


Bridge to the Past


The Hawthorne District


Portland Neighborhood Postcards


Portlandmark Chipboard Notecard


Portlandmark Silkscreen Tee