Benjamin and Chynna McCarthy,
Mixed Media Artist

I work in oil and digital medium to create surreal fine art and apparel.

Instagram @dreamshark

Dream Shark is a multimedia universe created by Benjamin McCarthy with the help of Chynna McCarthy.


Benjamin creates paintings, sculptures, comics, apparel, trading cards, and video games as well. From 4 years old he has had a deep love for creating visual art, and has been developing these various mediums for over 20 years. McCarthy was first able to make a living as an artist, as acrylic/oil painter, but has since grown to encompass all that is Dream Shark. It is through this array of media that the Dream Shark Universe comes to life in its surreal and dream like style.


Dream Shark’s neo-psychedelic indie-rock/ dream pop debut, “There’s A Child” is a bionic soundscape that blurs the line between synthetic and acoustic recordings. The LP features fat drum beats, juicy baselines, out-of-this-universe synth and guitar, floating vocal melodies, and infectious hooks all throughout. McCarthy’s innovative sound design will take you to a realm deep inside, on this healing 11 song adventure. Benjamin wrote, produced, recorded, and performed all material on this album including, drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals, and lyrics.

Artist Images

Sudden Impact


New Life


Deep Intellect


The Phenomenon Apparel


Dream Shark Universe Apparel


Life After Earth


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