Barbara A Buttler,
Jewelry Artist

Unique, hand-crafted jewelry made of sterling silver, copper, 14k-24k gold.

Jewelry making has been an on-going passion of mine for over thirty years. My formal training was in graphic design, which greatly influenced my approach to jewelry designI was introduced to typography, calligraphy, and font families, and I came away with an appreciation of the letter form, type, words and patterns, and of course, color. My work explores surface textures and I often use typographic elements to create patterns and designs. I'm very aware of my physical surroundings and I look for graphic components in found objects, from nature‚ tree bark and sea shells‚ photographs, architectural drawings, even scraps of paper found on the street. I often integrate colored stones and minerals in my designs, and I enjoy using contrasting-colored metals (sterling and fine silver, 14k-24k gold and copper); adding a patina in the final stages of design really makes the gold pop. I have done many commissions and enjoy doing one-of-a-kind, personalized pieces, like birthstones on a mother's bracelet, or personalized words of affection roll-printed on the surface of a ring. The most satisfying aspect of jewelry making (and what keeps my passion for the art alive and growing) is knowing that I can create a piece of wearable art that is seen, touched, and appreciated by both the wearer and the observer and, hopefully, will be passed along to family members or friends, keeping the piece alive for generations to come.

Artist Images

Wrapped Wire Bangles


Copper & Sterling Silver Beads


Circus Act Ring


Saucer Pendant, Married Metals


Hollow Boxicles Bracelet


Linked Fine Silver & Kumbo Bracelet


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