Ashley King ,
Jewelry Artist

One of a kind, nature inspired jewelry handmade in Hood River, Oregon.

Instagram @dawnjewelrystudio

I play around with different techniques and materials, which is why I chose the name Dawn for my brand. A new day; everyday is different. Each piece I make sparks a new idea that influences the next project. I’m inspired by clean lines, textures, and pigments found in nature and backroad antique shops. I’m a perfectionist with my craftsmanship and love the combination of rustic moody patinas with high polished metal. I use primarly silver, gold fill, bronze, brass, freshwater pearls, semiprecious gemstones, and recycled vinyl records. Every element of my jewelry is hand fabricated or cast. All cast work is first hand carved in wax and then pressed into a mold. I only direct cast in my studio, sand or cuttle bone casting method. The gemstones I use are chosen for their color and painterly inclusions. I also transform damaged vinyl records into lightweight one of a kind earrings. Each shape is hand cut with a jewelers saw and carefully filed for smooth edges. This idea to use a vinyl record essentially as sheet metal stems from my interest in upcycling and finding ways to reduce waste.

Artist Images

Montana Agate Hoops and Polka Dot Jasper Bolo Tie


Anticipating Spring


Montana Agate and Moss Agate Botanical Dangles


Kyanite and Rutilated Quartz Studs


Black Tourmaline Fern Pendant


Emerald Botanical Studs


Artist Video

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