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April Black [Co.] began in 2012 when I decided to embark on a 365 Make Something Everyday Project. This project was incredibly fulfilling and challenging as it evolved into a brand and beginnings of a small business. After splitting my time between April Black [Co.] and working full time as a graphic designer, I finally decided to pursue my business full time at the beginning of 2015. I believe in a simple approach, with a strong emphasis on illustrated elements. I offer Illustrated art prints, greeting cards, stationery, totes & more. I will be designing a small print, greeting card, tote or mug design everyday this year in a 365 project as well as a 52 weeks of art prints project of a 1-3 color 18x24 screen print. I’m a designer and illustrator with a love for nature, riding bikes, good design, dogs, music, pop culture, yoga. I live and work in Portland, Oregon with my 2 dogs, cat and loving spouse.

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