Ann Wells,
Jewelry Artist

I make jewelry from recycled materials.…

My name is Ann Wells and I am located in Portland, OR. I began Collage Designs by Beulah 6 years ago. My tag line is, “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with Fashion.”

I began collecting cans from co-workers and bringing them home to be recycled. Recycling centers were not really available in the city I was living in. Later, people started bringing me magazines as well, but I wanted to do something with them before they went into the bin. One thing led to another and Collage Designs by Beulah was born.

The technique I use to make my jewelry is decoupage. First, I collect any images and shapes from magazines or paper product. Next, I use a nontoxic glue to adhere the paper to the surface of the jewelry. I coat the piece with the glue 15-20 times, sanding in between coats. Finally, I seal the piece with a nontoxic acrylic sealer. In the past year, I have started making jewelry out of other found items, such as records, plastic shopping bags and old games.

Artist Images

Postage stamp Bangle


Broken Record Earrings


Telephone Cable Necklace


Chopstick wrapper Bangle


Plastic shopping Bag Cuff


Old Matchbook Bangle


Artist Video

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