Angela M Raines,

Anthropomorphic art set in a modern world in desparate need of whimsy.…
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Filtering everyday life through the anthropomorphic lense, creating whimsy in the mundane. We can speak about the things we take for granted. We can embrace the moments between. We can finally have a dialogue about the little things that make our lives distinctly human. We can be silly, clever, boring, tired, frustrated, hopeful, ..ect., it's all part of our collective experience. I have been inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper, Wayne Theibaud, and the writings of Raymond Carver, Flannery O'Connor and Tobias Wolf, among many other painters and writers.

Artist Images

"Heart Surgeons"




"The Suicides"


Dancing by Moonlight


"Cloud Watching"


"A Pair of Threes"


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