Andrea Nichole Still,
Fashion Artist

handmade, locally designed clothing and accessories

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I am a perfectionist and compulsive crafter. I love making things and I'm obsessed with clothes. When my hands are moving - whether crocheting gloves, knitting pussyhats or sewing - that is when I'm happy.

I realize my fashion habit has repercussions on the planet. I belive that what we wear can have a positive impact. The Pussyhat Project demonstrated this very colorfully. I participated by making over 40 pussyhats and giving them away. By creating and promoting upcycled wares I hope to minimize the detrimental effects caused by my fashion obsession. You don't have to be dressed in drab to be green and sustainable fashion does not need to be a contradiction of terms!

To be a force for positive change, my current project is iron-on patches with images of endangered animals. 10% of the proceeds will go to non-profits like Defenders of Wildlife. When First Thursday re-opens, please visit my booth and take a look!

Artist Images

Bright plaid seersucker wrap top


Double-breasted vest in grey and yellow


Parasol, capelet and skirt


Crocus necklace with rose quartz and malachite


Hoodie with spider insert


Upcycled rayon jumpsuit


Artist Video

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