Amy J Ernst,
Ceramic artist

Creating timeless pieces with a touch of color!

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AJE Pottery is a one-woman show by Amy Jan Ernst. I like to create pieces that tell the story of who I am that are both functional and artistic. As a Chinese adoptee, this includes pieces like dumpling chopstick holders, mahjong earrings, and fortune cookies. Additionally, I love to experiment with color and design, and add a fun and playful element to the ceramic ware. For example, in combining my love for food and cute things, I make a toast and egg breakfast set that expresses delight, exuberance, and vibrance which are all qualities I hope to share with others. All of my products are handmade and can be gifted or enjoyed in your home for many years to come!

Artist Images

Asian Heritage


Types of Toast


Colorful Stein


Oregon Mug


Hanging Planter


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