Amy Fields,
Ceramic artist

Ceramic artist working in Porcelain.

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Wheel-thrown and hand-built ceramic tableware, wall art and lighting. I use a mid-range translucent porcelain fired in an electric kiln as well as a high temperature porcelain for wood-fire. The cone 6 porcelain I use for its smooth, clean white texture and light emitting qualities as well as predictability. In the wood-kiln much is left up to chance, allowing the ash and fire to leave its mark on the surface of each piece. My work is greatly inspired by the natural world of textures, light and repetition. I am fascinated by the idea of the macro vs. micro; a series of spines might represent a forest, or the texture of a cat’s tongue, or a mountain range. Images carved into the surface of the clay are nature inspired such as plants, bird skeletons, giant squid and other sea creatures.

Artist Images

Squid Mugs and Pour-Over Coffee


Poppy Mug and Coffee Pour-Over




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