Amanda Zogby,

I love creating! And cooking, hiking, and talking.

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A lot of my work is very intuitive. It stems from a place of irrationality that resides in a mind of ecstasy, uncertainty, and melancholy. I try to express the feelings that everyone experiences, but that are difficult to explain. I believe that people, at a very base level, are all dealing with the same situation. For example, we all experience love, loss, success, and sorrow. I try to better understand the emotions and circumstances we all encounter by translating them into art.
My work has a cartoon quality that represents the way I perceive the world. The characters stem from expressions of the moods I encounter. There is heavy use of bright, primary colors, along with a flat composition which is a result of trying to convert something intangible to the corporeal.

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Racoona Fortuna


Disapproving Sun


Hands, Eyes, Feet


Moon Monsters


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