Amanda Hatley,
Jewelry Artist

I am a painter and Wire Wrapper

My goal is to create beautiful, one of a kind works of art. I feature Sea Glass, a wonderful Upcycle product, and sterling silver in every hand-crafted piece. I use only authentic, Jewelry Grade sea glass. I have a firm motto of "nothing plastic, nothing plated" with my jewelry. I've always felt like Sea Glass was such a great thing, that it deserves all the upscaling I could give it. As a result, I only pair my sea glass with real gems and pearls. And if your not familiar with sea glass, definitely look it up. We basically threw our trash at Mother Nature, and she turned around and said "Watch what I can do." It's pretty amazing stuff.

Along with my jewelry and sea glass mobiles, I offer my original paintings, and art prints of my original works.

Artist Images

Sterling silver and sea glass twisting hoops


Authentic Sea Glass and Driftwood mobile


Red Lady




Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Sea Glass jewelry


Twin tree pendant design.


Artist Video

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