Amanda G Triplett,
Fabric Artist

I use recycled fiber, metal, threads and beads to create sculpture

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Making art in the space where fine art and craftwork intersect, I manipulate, layer, and embroider salvaged fibers into abstractions of biology. I create sculptural, performative, and installation works about human relationships to biological and cultural narratives. 

Stitching, crafting and making were a fundamental part of my upbringing. My mother introduced me to sewing as a child, teaching me about cross-stitch, needle point, and machine sewing. Within the act of stitchwork there is a deep connection to my family and my ancestry, threads sewn to mark the passage of time. 

Recycled materials are central to my process and inform the themes I work with as an artist. I disassemble salvaged textiles like towels, sweaters, and t-shirts, treating the natural aging and deterioration of the fiber as a part of the creative process. Using needle and thread, I manipulate and sew the fiber into new form. Making becomes a mending practice, a way to rework and renew ubiquitous materials into something unique and beautiful. The resulting pieces are organic and biologically inspired, utilizing the natural tendency of fabric to crease and flow. Utilizing surface, texture and vivid colors as my main tools, the work addresses ecology, the complexity of the internal human landscape, and identity.

In my current series, the work explores patterns, colors, and shapes shared between biological organisms. These patterns that make up our own human biology are echoed in the accretions of coral reefs,  and repeated by clusters of mycelium in the forest floor. My work replicates these patterns, looking for the common threads.


Artist Images

Blue Veins


Second SKin


Serenity Swarm


Wounded Waters


Specimen 83


Third Skin


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