Allie B Studios,
Jewelry Artist

Allie B. considers herself to be a metalsmith, an artist, and a jeweler.…
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Allie B. employs a metalsmithing technique called electroforming to create her line of jewelry. Electroforming is a process similar to plating where you encourage copper growth over an existing form. She begins her process by manipulating copper wire to create different shapes and forms. Some of these shapes come from handmade jigs she creates and some are free-formed to create a random and organic feel. The forms are then submersed into the electroforming bath. Once in the bath the organic surface and texture begins to grow. What emerges becomes paired together to become earrings or simply strung on a sterling silver chain.

Artist Images

Lg. Circle Pendant - Bright Copper Finish


Lg. Funky Square Pendant - Antique Finish


Tiny Teardrop Earrings - Bright Copper Finish


Tiny Circle Earrings - Bright Copper Finish


Lg. Oval Pendant - Antique Finish


Teardrop Pendant - Antique Finish


Artist Video

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