Alison Gray,
Mixed Media Artist

Stickers, stationery, and other handmade goods

Instagram @faebellehaven

Hey there! I'm Alison, and I own and operate Faebelle Haven. All items in the store are my artwork, designs, or handmade by me! The only outsourcing I do is for special printing I can't otherwise do myself.

I'm an artist from the Pacific Northwest, and I've been creating stuff for as long as I can remember. My ADHD keeps me bouncing between mediums like sewing, weaving, ceramics, printmaking, woodworking, jewelry making, you name it! I even have a college degree in Product Design.

This brand is inspired by growing up in the early 2000's and the fairytales I used to get lost in. In fact, my store is named after my favorite childhood book, Faebelle Haven by Brandon Mull. My products offer a heavy dose of nostalgia and don't shy away from bright colors and glitter!

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