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Inspired by the colors, forms and movement of her surroundings, Alison Dougherty channels her love of nature and Curiosities for truth in order to evoke feelings of nostalgia and wonder. Her methods are both simple and Technical, using just paint or mixed media to execute her projects. An artist since childhood, Alison was born and raised in the quaint coastal town of Carmel California. Influence forever by the beautiful beaches along the famously Scenic Highway 1 and pastoral River Valley nestled into the Towering Santa Lucia range, this was her playground until moving to the Pacific Wonderland of the NW in 2001. Alison is constantly experimenting with new Concepts ideas and methods, she says it keeps things fresh and interesting. She is the owner of OUTLIER GALLERY a mobile artspace she built inside a step van. Inside here she shows her work pop-up Style, at events, street corners, parks and parking lots around town. You can follow her adventures on Instagram or contact her at

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