Alexandria Gold,
Mixed Media Artist

Ria Art World offers adorable handmade crochet creations and illustrations

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Hello there, My name is Alexandria Gold and I'm Ria Art! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now here's a little about me. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved being creative. Even now, everyday is an opportunity to create as my mascots, Mr. Orange and Arty Heart, cheer me on. If I'm not at the drawing table, I can be found at the gym or having a cuddle with my white cat, Burmew while hiding out from rainy Portland days. I primarily create my illustrations through a mixed combination of traditional drawing and photoshop, but I delight in crocheting the characters I often draw and capturing their adventures with my camera. However I choose to share a story, I want to make my audience smile and warm their hearts. Ria Art has exhibited at several places such as Trickster Gallery, The Stillwell and The Academy of Art Spring Show. Ria Art's miniature crochet characters have been featured in a show by Resobox in New York. Currently, the critters are at Petite Galleria in San Jose, California. My first picture book, A New Leash on Life, was just released by Nothing But the Truth Publishing. I am now represented by Natalie Lakosil at the Bradford Literary Agency.

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Ria Art World!


Cross Stitch Zodiac Button Accessory


Carrot Salad


Up In A Tree


Giraffe Love


Handmade Crochet Birthday Critters


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