Alexandra Saavedra,
Fashion Artist

100% baby Alpaca, reversible Chuyos (beanies)…

My father is Peruvian so when I was 15 years old I decided to move to Peru for high school to learn about his culture and my roots. I am the only cousin living outside of Peru so I was able to become fluent in Spanish and meet my latin family! While exposing myself to this beautiful country I also discovered Peru's rich Incan culture, traditions, and art. Enamored with designs and products made from Alpaca fur (no animal is harmed, it's shaved), I decided to start my own venture designing 100% Baby Alpaca hats with some Incan traditional designs and selling them in the US, Portland specifically. I did this with pride in my heart and a passion for spreading the word about Peru and its treasures. I am also dedicated to fair trade and promoting artisans in Lima and the surrounding areas.

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