Alex Meyer,

I am a painter and printmaker, also working as a freelance scenic designer.

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My work as an artist and designer is about sharing space. We engage in art, as with all things, with our own contributions and associations. I create spaces that are motivated by that engagement - spurred often from a familiar object or a commonplace environment. By allowing viewers to interact with my work, whether it be visually or physically, I invite them to participate in the narrative they are experiencing.


I recognize relationships primarily through the context of the visual. Simple and often clever connections are established in my work, rewarding viewers for optically exploring and making discoveries. By working back toward my roots as an artist, I strive to make connections at their most fundamental level. In doing so, my work has become more and more accessible. It is through this accessibility that viewers are able to partake in the scene and rejoice over its imagery. 

Artist Images



Melting Snow


Beautiful Intersection


Floor Space




Good Morning


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