Aidan Orellana,

Traditional acrylic paintings with darker, spooky tones.

I make acrylic and mixed media paintings with interwoven themes of existentialism, mental illness, environmentalism, classic horror and fantasy. My body of work is a singularly unique style and vision, as if the paintings existed in their own distinctive universe. Gradually, my work has begun to take on stronger hints of environmental protection and the exploration of ‘darker’ human emotion; how internal troubles we all experience — intrusive thoughts, depression, doubt, selfishness, jealousy, and so on — actually unify us far more than we realize. 

Without any formal background, training, or support in art, I have learned the craft through thousands of obsessive hours, an explosive imagination, and a deep, indescribable love for creating. 

I was born and currently reside in Portland, OR.  Several years living in New Orleans helped solidly my affinity for all things weird and creepy. Largely influenced by 1990s horror VHS movies and literature, this background in scary visuals and storytelling is still clearly present in my artwork. 

The name ‘Happy Demon Artwork’ encapsulates the polarity of my joyful personality with the much darker, more serious tones of my work. 

Artist Images

Small Demon Portrait 1


Small Demon Portrait 2


Small Demon Portrait 3


Original 1


Small Demon Portrait 4


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