Adrienne Hatkin,
Jewelry Artist

I make unique jewelry out of antique coins and silverware.…
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I am a jewelry artist and musician. I create jewelry primarily from coins, vintage silverware and antique stones. While the recycling of these objects into jewelry is common, I strive to create new designs that have not been seen before, that challenge my metalworking skills and that appeal to people of many ages and tastes. I create many pieces of custom-made jewelry for clients, so that they may own a piece that, through the use of antique coins, commemorates the year, state, or country that they hold dear to their heart.

Artist Images

Antique Carved Abalone Button Set in Sterling Silver by Autopilot Empires Jewelry


Gemstone Rings with Reclaimed Stones by Autopilot Empires Jewelry


Reclaimed Amethyst on Spoon Handle Pendant by Autopilot Empires Jewelry


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