Adam James DiBenedetto,

@absolutely not

I am deeply moved and inspired by polyhedral geometry. I make wood carvings based on dodecahedron, icosahedron, star tetrahedron, etc. Often I will carve the geometric shape, then devise some type of pattern based on the symetries of that shape, and carve it further. Knot work, helix spirals and different types of weaving have featured prominently in many recent works. In addition to wood carving I have recently begun cutting and polishing different gem stones into polyhedral forms. I have also in the last few years been creating what I call DreamWeavers. They are basically three dimensional dream catchers that I taught myself how to make. I have discovered dozens of different forms, that can be created in many different types of frames. Frame materials include grape vines, metal wire and wood. Different types of string and yarn are what make the DreamWeaver forms. As with wood carving and stone cutting, in addition to DreamWeaving, I am completely self taught. I've been wood carving for about 8 years, DreamWeaving for about 3 years and stone cutting for one year.

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