Aarik William Miller,

Screen printed tee shirts, sweaters, prints, stickers and coffee mugs.

Website Www.unitedsnakespress.com
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My name is Aarik Miller, I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona but have been living here in Portland, Oregon for the last ten years. I used to be a very troubled alcoholic with an incredible amount of problems until I finally decided to turn my life around and sober up a couple of years ago. During my first year of sobriety I wasn’t making much art at all but then I started United Snakes Press and that all changed. I had really no direction except that I was going to learn how to screen print but after a few months of intense trial and error learning courses my art blossomed in a whole new direction and I have been hooked on screen printing ever since. Heavily inspired by pop-culture, comic books, fast food, heavy metal and punk rock. I feel it was only natural that my art would head down this path as this was the path I chose to turn to during my recovery, finding comfort in returning to what made me happy during my childhood. 

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Midnight Snack Tee


Weekend Warrior Tee


Cat Clock Sweatshirt


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