Artist Funding

Join our artist relief effort and support local artists directly with our Individual Artist Fund. We will be highlighting a series of local artists who have expressed an immediate need for funding and we are reaching out to our network to gain support for them.

If you can help, use the links below to make a contribution to the artist of your choice.

Request: Urban Art Network Individual Artist FundingMay 07, 2020


Whimsical, ink on paper drawings and prints

“As a self-employed artist you have to constantly push yourself to create.”

“You don't want to force your creative process, you want your art to be natural.”

“I just published my second comic book.”

Everything around me inspires my work. I am a self taught artist. Because of Covid-19 my sales have gone down significantly, it's hard. I have been trying to create as much as I can. I just want to make the world a little brighter and my art helps me do that.

Requested Funding: $100.00


Ink cartridges for my printer so I can continue making some prints from home


Paper so I can print my art


Markers so I can draw originals

Request: Urban Art Network Individual Artist FundingApril 27, 2020

Hazel Glass

Paper Strata Art

“All of my work begins life as a 2D ink drawing on paper.”

“I break that design into layers and create templates.”

“ I hand cut out each layer with an xacto knife.”

I create intricate, multi-layered hand-cut paper original art. My style is ornate and colorful, ranging from illustrative to abstract, all presented as bas-relief sculptures. I reproduce them as laser cut editions, artist books, and hand-embellished giclee prints so that everyone can bring these precious windows into magical worlds home with them.

Requested Funding: $200.00


Non-refundable flight for art event


Art paper


Software subscription

Request: Urban Art Network Individual Artist FundingApril 20, 2020

Corner of the Eye

Articulated skeleton sculptures and assemblage jewelry

The Artist

The Work

The Cat, Frannie

I assemble dreams and nightmares from folklore and materials found while wandering Portland… Since COVID-19 closed all of my Spring events, I'm having trouble affording materials and medication to control my cat Frannie’s thyroid tumor.

Requested Funding: $200.00




Vet Visit


Cat Medicine