Michelle L. Purvis Painter

Original works with watercolor and acrylic on paper and canvas.

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My paintings are directly impacted by my past. Where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, and the moments that have influenced my life all reappear in my work. The concepts of home, moving and travel all guide my work. Through my paintings, I explore questions I have about life, relationships, my impact on world and how to honor my place on this earth. My line is made by many materials but is consistently describing my spirited independence. As it flows it can stop at any moment with a harsh angle. It continues on finding new ways to articulate my perception of the world. There is an energy to my method. Oftentimes I start ten pieces and let them sit in the studio for a while. I look them over to better understand where they need to go while I let the process guide me in any direction. Sometimes a year will go by before I pick up a piece to find it just needed one line to be completed or needed to be taken apart and put back together.