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Brian Borrello

Guns in the Hands of Artists

Brian Borrello’s work has always played with danger…

Forest for the Trees

NW Brings More Public Art to Portland

Portland got a huge influx of murals last month, thanks to the second annual Forest for the Trees NW.

Your First Grant

Tips and Insights from Anna Magruder

Summer Art Travels

A travel photo essay

Summer Art Travels

Rose Fest Floats

An inside look at this year's floating theatre art

Portland Museum of Modern Art

Foster Row

SE Foster's new shared art studio

Artists in The Wind

Preparing your setup for windy conditions

The title of this article might sound poetic. But when a gust of wind lifts your fragile artwork and slams it down 20 feet away, you’re likelier to utter a curse than a verse.

What's New in 2014

Making the Most of RACC

Regional Arts & Culture Council