paulina archambault Painter

acrylic/mixed media on canvas or paper. expressionistic, figurative.

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"Dzien dobry! I paint in acrylic on canvas or paper. My themes are mostly people. I'm fascinated by faces and their expressions. In my work I'm also coming into the reminiscence of my childhood."

"Creating a painting is for me a process. Everything begins on canvas, and most of the time I'm not planning what I will paint. Just going to the process, changing a lot, using my imagination and sometimes a mirror, not to make a self-portrait, just to check how the shadow is falling."

"I'm using brushes, fingers and recently also paint knives.
Sometimes mixed media, like drawing and painting together."

I studied art in Cracow, Poland (my hometown) and in Hamburg, Germany. I live now in the Portland metro with my American husband.