A Heart Show

In honor of Valentines Day, Urban Art Network presents, “A Heart Show.” All pieces in the show are developed with love by local Portland artists. Heart-themed artwork for $40 each – the perfect one-of-a-kind Valentines Day gift.

Acrylic, Wood Panel

Acrylic, Wood Panel

Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic and collage on recycled ridged masonite board

Acrylic, graphite, niece's drawing, oil, and ink on wood

Acrylic marbling on watercolor paper mounted on wood panel

Found paper, acrylic, stain, nail polish, found object, and pen on wood

Fabric, stain, paper, acrylic, and ink on wood

Paper, acrylic, and found objects on grooved wood panel

Acrylic on canvas


acrylic and goldleaf

Tye dyed canvas fabric, handmade leather heart button

Acrylic paint & glitter, sealed with varathane on reclaimed wood

Mixed media collage on wood panel

Acrylic paint on wood, sealed with professional matte varnish

Acrylic on panel

Acrylic, graphite on panel

Wool needle felted hearts

Reclaimed wood, acrylic paint

Needle Felted Wool, Wood

Oil, cold wax medium, wood board

Acrylic, Wood, Branch


Watercolor Gilcee Mounted Print with hand done gold embellishments

6x6 inch acrylic and graphite on canvas

Watercolor veil painting on paper, adhered to wood board

Paper, graphite on wood panel


Acrylic, Wood Panel

Wood burning and acrylics on plywood

Acrylic on wood panel

Acrylic, Wood, Natural edge wood

acrylic, graphite, collage on wood panel

Acrylic, copper foil, wood, natural edge wood

Was your heart set on a piece that sold?