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The Perfect Hoops


Delicate Bangles


Herkimer Diamond Party Studs


Raw Garnet Necklace


Rose quartz halfsies


Queen Robusto


Lion's Song


Light Justice




Amelia Recovered




Black and White Mosaic


“Star Light”


Marble Maiden


Large mosaic wall art piece




Year of the Rat


Alien Devil Bff Babes


Pizza Sluts


Love Potion


Ramen Girl


Plant Lady


Cherry Lovers


Fire in the Garden


White Rose


Flowers for Sale


Heirloom Tomatoes


Prickly Plant


Cannon Beach


Apple Picking with Friends


Copper Gleam


Eating an Apple Slice


Apple Seeds


Pears in the Orchard


Engraved Dragonfly on 9oz Wine Cup


Engraved 12"x12" Night Sky


Engraved Oak Tree on 64oz Growler


C6XTY arch bridge sculpture


C6XTY sculpture showing shape


Homage to the Sea


Sunny Seventeen


Thank You, Ellie


Good Morning


Floor Space


Melting Snow




Sorry, No One's Home Right Now


While Birds Are Chirping


When the Sun Came Out


The Public