What kind of art can I show at the Street Gallery

Urban Art Network only considers creatively inspired, consciously manipulated, or artistically altered objects that are handmade, one of a kind, and/or limited edition. When accepting artists for the Street Gallery, other factors include previous participation, quality of work, quality of display, and your overall attitude.

The Street Gallery is a venue for local self-representing artists to market and sell their handcrafted works. Therefore, spaces dedicated to advertising, fundraising and promoting are not accepted. Nor do we accept massage, tarot reading, henna or face painting.

The UAN does not accept T-shirts, soap, candles, rocks, plants, food, or any manufactured items. We make occasional exceptions for craftspeople who follow our special application process.  Work should be made by the artist who is presenting it. The event is for two- and three-dimensional display art only. We do not have the space or permits to include musical performances.

For more information, refer to this chart of definitions of media. [hyperlink to below chart]  If after reading this you are still unsure whether your art qualifies, please build your profile on the UAN website and upload your images (see below for more details). Email the UAN at least a week before the next First Thursday Street Gallery and request that your profile be juried.

Located somewhere between 2D and 3D work, assemblage is primarily mixed media work, using painting and collage techniques and often incorporating found objects.

Handmade beads, strung beads, multiple design elements.

Book Arts
Book as art object.

Book Craft
Blank bookbindings and journals.

Creative and decorative handmade boxes.

Spinning, casting, molding, and firing clay.

Collage and Cut Paper
2D work that uses cut paper, found images, and various treatments (such as paint and glue) to create a composition.

Digital Images
Images made primarily with a computer.

Digital Photography
Photography done with a digital camera and/or modified with a computer.

Work done with a pencil, charcoal, chalk, crayon, etc.

Weaving, dyeing, embroidery, and treatments with cloth fibers.

Hand designed and limited edition, creative clothing or accessories.

Handmade, decorative, functional, and limited edition, with innovative design.

Cast, blown, or molded, with limited edition and innovative design.

Handmade, molded or cast materials, innovative design and decorative presentation (Large size ornamental work is encouraged).

Handmade, limited edition, and innovative design.

A grab bag approach, with a mixture of work in a multiplicity of media.

Handmade, limited edition, and innovative design.

Work done primarily with paint.

Work done with an SLR Camera.

Stamping or pressing a pattern or texture.

Prints (Fine Art)
Fine art prints, especially lithography or block printing, in limited edition. Might also include photocopies or postcards of original work.

3D work.

Any image which cannot or has not been specified.

Handmade, limited edition, and innovative design.