How do I set up my space for First Thursday

All spaces are 10' wide. Creative and elegant displays within your designated space are encouraged. Remember to accommodate your neighbors. Please do not display your work on top of the loading docks, put adhesive on buildings or hang objects from trees. Also, do not set up on the sidewalks, in front of the Paragon, or in the middle of the street. If your display involves a canopy, know that the maximum canopy size is ten feet by ten feet.

If possible, raise your art off the ground. Dazzled or distracted visitors have been known to step on art. Loud or otherwise disruptive performances are not allowed at the Street Gallery, but First Thursday can be unpredictable. If there is a spontaneous or renegade performance, guard your art from encroaching crowds.

No lighting is provided, other than limited streetlights, and there are no power outlets. You’ll need to supply your own battery-powered lighting or small closed-flame lanterns. Power generators are not permitted. You may not, under any circumstances, use electricity from surrounding buildings.