Portland Area Art Events

Jeffry Mitchell - Window Project

David Schell - Tyger! Tyger!

The fearful symmetry that visionary poet and painter William Blake ascribes to the title force in his most widely known poem “The Tyger” (1794) refers to a deferential query that pivots from possibility “What immortal hand or eye / could frame thy fearful symmetry?” to adviso or warning “What immortal hand or eye / dare frame thy fearful symmetry?” acknowledging the impossibility of summarizing, limiting, or tamping down the burning beast at the center of his uneasy ode. Bringing the artist to the precipice of the darkened forest to find a shared space across and between, it’s rather the immediacy of “thine eyes” “thy heart” and “thy fearful symmetry” that Blake calls out to in a call and response that seeks kindredness. The artist walks willingly into a space of recognition in order to think and feel across imposed boundaries, daring to address, to emit and resonate across species rather than simply frame or distance the ecstatic beast there in the dark.