Portland Area Art Events

Exhibition Tour & Discussion with artist Terrell James & curator/writer Bruce Guenther: February 6, 6pm

Please join us for a dialogue with Terrell James and Bruce Guenther on the opening night of Terrell's exhibition, Fable - her eleventh! solo show at Froelick Gallery.

"Fable, the show’s title piece, was born after my seeing an exhibition of ancient hand tools, called First Sculpture, at the Nasher, last year in Dallas. Predating the cave paintings by 100,000 years, these sublime shapes demonstrate what is perhaps the earliest aesthetic decision-making by human beings. I was moved by the formal beauty and the early intentionality of the pieces in the show. In Fable, the strong suggestion of three-dimensional form is clear. From an ancient hand axe centering a fossil, springs a new canvas in reds, blues and milky green, watery again. Earth, stone, water, the history of us all."  

-Terrell James, 2018