Portland Area Art Events


"From my first romantic realization that I wanted to be an artist, my life path has been set
on a single course, and in a career spanning more than forty years. This path continues to
evolve in response to my personal landscapes.
These literal and metaphorical landscapes, my desire to create, and the skills I have
diligently honed along the way, have combined to shape every aspect of my life,
especially my art.
The origins of my creative desire had more to do with the process than the product. As a
child, I loved to draw and paint because of how it made me feel. Even today, I find that
when I hold fast to this motivation, my work is the most authentic.
Thus I find my new collection to be my most satisfying yet.
“Light Revealed” is the organic evolution of my previous work into a new flowing form. In
these pieces, I have opened up my relationship with paint and canvas, allowing myself a
greater freedom to explore the movement and the sensual aspects of my work."