Portland Area Art Events

Issac Layman
Never Was A Thing
Photographic Constructions

First Thursday Reception:
November, 1, 2018, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

‘Never Was a Thing’ marks 17 years of working almost exclusively within my immediate environment, my home. An overhead light or a tool from the basement may become a subject of a photograph for a week. Where I make breakfast I also make art. And at times this has seemed like "a terrible f***ing idea."

Terrible because the idea is the solution; to stay and keep looking leads to more staying and looking. And then there's the issue of discerning cabin fever from epiphany...or maybe one shouldn’t? In either case, there's a desire to see differently and that is the point. Being confined is looking around and seeing things—or if one accepts, as the show title suggests, that everything “never was a thing”, we find ourselves in the more fun and open-ended experience of "seeing things”: the space of multiple viewpoints and continually changing meaning.

Semantics aside, come see the show.

Sincerely, Isaac Layman