Portland Area Art Events

Opening Thursday, April 4,  6-9 pm

Gallery 114 presents the juried show "Beauty Untethered," featuring three artists who champion beauty through materials and content in their work, going beyond art that is simply pretty or pleasing to look at.  William Park, with evocative handling of paint, conjures beauty in everyday objects and scenes. Ruth Ross uses prints and mixed media on aprons to shift the conversation surrounding femininity and its relationship to beauty.  Poca Kim creates androgynous figures in her paintings and mixed media work to suggest a new ideal for beauty.
The gallery will have a panel discussion,"Beauty in Contemporary Art," on April 13th. Panelists Mark Andres, Daniel Peabody, Amy Bay, Tamara English, and Kendra Larson will discuss how beauty has been marginalized and will present different perspectives on its necessity and complexity.