Jeromy Perinchief,
Mixed Media Artist

Just another person trying to create & spread as much expressions as I can.

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From the inside view trying to speak outward, I'd say that my work tends to lean more toward the abstract/esoteric side of things. I try to work a lot of layers into my art that allows the viewer to sort of track my movements & process, with a lot of adding & subtracting of substance throughout the actual process itself. One thing that I always end up saying or thinking as I try to talk about my art, is that "The more you look, the more you see". It isn't easily taken in all at once, but each piece instantly has it's own feel that tends to grow on myself & others the more that it is looked into. At least that is part of what I hope to achieve when working on a piece that I intend to be viewed by others. My mediums usually revolve around various types of acrylic paints, pastels, spray paint, & whatever other buckets or paints I can get my hands on. I also started diving into various methods of printing in the recent months, mainly silkscreens & block printing. When painting, a lot of times I end up adding too much substance at once, & then scraping away at the paint either before or after it has dried to expose the layers that were hidden underneath, which creates a whole new layer in itself from the process. I have found that I do not have the most patience when it comes to meticulously working on a detailed painting, such as I do with drawing. But while painting in my studio, I am generally moving very fast & spastic, sort of chasing the rhythm of the process, trying to find the right feel for it all by the end as it rarely ends up as I had first envisioned. My process dictates the results in many ways, & I try to leave as many marks of the process itself, in the finished piece. You can sort of date my paintings by the shoe marks that are left on the canvas or wood from walking over each piece as I work on them, or mixing/spreading paint with my shoes to create something visual with my movements. So all in all, I am but another individual with my own pros & cons who is living a mission to spread as much art to as many different kinds of minds as possible. Feel the Phonk & help me spread it! Keep on keeping on.

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