Ashley Dawn Anderson,
Jewelry Artist

One of a kind, nature inspired jewelry handmade in Hood River, Oregon.

Instagram @@dawnjewelrystudio

In my art practice, I play around with different techniques and materials, which is why I chose the name DAWN for my brand. Everyday is different. It also happens to be my middle name! I’m inspired by the shapes, textures, and pigments found in nature and backroad antique shops. My surface textures emulate rock formations, erosion, and organic forms. Antique patinas and botanicals are also seen throughout my work (I’m very into collecting houseplants lol). I use a variety of metals and materials, such as silver, bronze, brass, copper, semiprecious gemstones, and recycled vinyl records. Every element of my jewelry is hand fabricated, even down to the ear wires for earrings. I transform no longer playable records that I source from thrift and antique stores into rustic, one of a kind earrings. Each pair is hand cut my jewelers saw, carefully filed and shaped by hand.

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