Amanda Gayle Triplett,

I use recycled fiber, metal, threads and beads to create sculpture

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‚ÄãThese sculptural works document my journey into motherhood, the drastic transformations that occurred within my body and the massive shifts in my identity. In our culture, there are many myths and judgment around motherhood. I seek to unveil some of the tidy lies that make up the concept of modern motherhood and reveal the visceral underbelly of what it means to become mother.

Through these works I share the visceral shifts that occur in motherhood, from the fantasy of a having a child, to conception, through the trials of pregnancy, into the intensity of giving birth and exploding into the vast ocean of motherhood. With each of the stages, I have created art that serves simultaneously as creative work and also as relics of the visceral realness of motherhood. As motherhood transforms my identity, the way I make art has shifted. This series is a container for the weaving of the detritus of motherhood.

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Cellular Passage


Open Heart


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