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Today’s Events

  • Feb 7
    Chris Topper, Micah Krock, Chris Pothier Feb 07 to Mar 30 @Steel Door Gallery
  • Feb 7
    Abstract Showcase Feb 07 to Mar 31 @Gallery 903
  • Feb 7
    John David Forsgren, Julia Mangold Feb 07 to Mar 30 @Elizabeth Leach Gallery
  • Feb 27
    Rumors by Small Talk Collective Feb 27 to Apr 28 @Wolff Gallery
  • Mar 1
    A Touch Of Green Mar 01 to Mar 31 @Attic Gallery
  • Mar 1
    Spectrum Mar 01 to Mar 31 @Eutectic Gallery
  • Mar 1
    Night Gallery Mar 01 to Mar 29 @Splendorporium
  • Mar 1
    Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain Mar 01 to Apr 15 @High Desert Museum
  • Mar 2
    The Art of Being Young Mar 02 to Mar 30 @Steel Door Gallery
  • Mar 3
    Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme: Mar 03 to Apr 07 @Disjecta Contemporary Art Center

Portland Area Art Events

TuesdayMar 05

Judith Wyss, Paul Missal

At Blackfish Gallery

Tue, Mar 05 to Sat, Mar 30



Artist Reception: First Thursday, March 7, 6-9pm

Judith Wyss
Art Inspiring Art
Blackfish member and longtime Portland artist Judith Wyss riffs on artists who have inspired and challenged her, often leaving witty clues in the titles for discerning viewers to play sleuth. Some of these works in watercolor, collage, and three dimensions pay homage to cartoonists like Barry Blit. Wyss says, “I wanted to be a graphic artist partially because I like to read. I love books. Luckily, I didn’t take graphic design in art school because I got so much from majoring in drawing.” Her themes spring from a joyous and sophisticated palette of ideas. This show draws from historical works of art and yet remains completely unique and original. Judith is showing this month with her former teacher Blackfish member Paul Missal.
Iconic Blackfish artist Paul Missal presents major retrospective pieces from five decades of works on paper in a
show entitled Learning How to See.
An influential teacher for legions of Portland artists, Missal never stopped being a student himself and often returns to the source of that wonder; he recalls being ill as a child and having his mother teach him to draw the tree outside his bedroom as a distraction. Delight in this simple exercise led him into aesthetic adventures in Realism, Cubism, Abstraction, and a career delving into composition and color. He says: “Over the years I have developed a great sense of satisfaction and enjoyment by creating forms with the thoughtful meanderings of line and paint over paper and canvas. With practice, form and concept have come together and a personal language has evolved. This exhibit is a gentle touchstone on the lessons I have learned and the paths I have traveled.”
Learning How to See ushers viewers into a fantastic glimpse into the mind of a
working artist.

EventJudith Wyss, Paul Missal
DateTuesday, March 5, 2019 (All day) to Saturday, March 30, 2019 (All day)
LocationBlackfish Gallery Map
Address420 NW 9th Ave, Portland
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