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Today’s Events

  • Feb 28
    Smith Eliot "Ghost Ships" Feb 28 to Apr 29 @Wolff Gallery
  • Mar 17
    Sondra Perry - Chromatic Saturation Mar 17 to Apr 29 @Disjecta Contemporary Art Center
  • Mar 29
    Christopher B. Wagner, Paul X. Rutzis, Amy Ruedinger, Stirling Gorsuch Mar 29 to Apr 24 @Guardino Gallery
  • Apr 3
    Katherine Ace - Face to Face Apr 03 to Apr 28 @Froelick Gallery
  • Apr 4
    Postcards and Souvenirs - Stan Peterson Apr 04 to Apr 29 @Waterstone Gallery
  • Apr 5
    James Minden; Northwest Prints Apr 05 to Apr 28 @Augen Gallery
  • Apr 5
    Suzanne Vaughan Apr 05 to Apr 29 @Basic Space Gallery
  • Apr 5
    Robert Lyons, Matthew Picton Apr 05 to Jun 02 @Elizabeth Leach Gallery
  • Apr 5
    Jon Gottshall - Scale Apr 05 to Apr 28 @Gallery 114
  • Apr 5
    Gregory Grenon, Rae Mahaffey Apr 05 to Apr 28 @Russo Lee Gallery


Deanna Schuerbeke, Painter

Mixed Media
I want my art to stop you. I want it to draw you in even if just for a minute, to suspend you temporarily in a relationship. I want you to move through the piece and have it, in some way, move you. Perhaps there is something you didn't expect. A little surprise in the color, the light, the composition or a mark that makes you slightly cock your head, raise your eyebrows every so slightly and look. I am obsessed with the colors and textures of my surroundings. I am hoping that my abstract expressionistic paintings communicate the mood (or the velvetiness, the tumultuousness, the complexity, the serenity, or the soaken-wetness) of the incredible Pacific Northwest.