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Upcoming Events

  • Jul 5
    First Thursday Street Gallery Jul 05 @NW Portland
  • Jul 5
    First Thursday Street Gallery Jul 05 @NW Portland
  • Jul 5
    First Thursday Street Gallery Jul 05 @NW Portland

Today’s Events

  • Jun 7
    Food Fashion & Capital Punishment Jun 07 to Jul 28 @Upfor Gallery
  • Jun 28
    Cary Weigand, Andie Furtado, Karen Russo, Jacqueline McIntyre Jun 28 to Jul 24 @Guardino Gallery
  • Jun 30
    The Living Mark Exhibition Jun 30 to Jul 22 @Verum Ultimum Art Gallery
  • Jul 1
    Bernd Haussmann Jul 01 to Jul 28 @Butters Gallery
  • Jul 3
    Along the Edge Jul 03 to Jul 29 @PDX Contemporary Art
  • Jul 4
    Fragmented Fruits Jul 04 to Sep 02 @Wolff Gallery
  • Jul 5
    Recent Graduates Show Jul 05 to Jul 28 @Blackfish Gallery
  • Jul 5
    Music & Emotions Jul 05 to Jul 31 @Pearl Gallery and Framing
  • Jul 5
    EVA LAKE • JIM DINE Jul 05 to Jul 28 @Augen Gallery
  • Jul 5
    Take me to a place I've never been before Jul 05 to Jul 29 @Basic Space Gallery

Portland Area Art Events

ThursdayDec 07

Jeff Whaite - Transitions

At Gallery 903

Thu, Dec 07 to Sun, Dec 31


Jeff White is a visceral artist, connecting with his subject matter through all of his senses. From dimensional shifts through dreams, meditation and long walks, White works to quiet his mind and move past the chaos. He describes it as being in a constant state of unraveling the unknown.

His latest show, TRANSITIONS, stems from White’s own transitions in life. “An understanding hit me one day during a state of paralysis that lasted for a couple of years,” White says. Between his studio building (Portland Towne Storage) being sold and his family moving from their long-time home White felt creatively constrained. “It was like I was wrapped up in a cocoon – I had been working, but not dreaming; existing, but not really living.”

EventJeff Whaite - Transitions
DateThursday, December 7, 2017 (All day) to Sunday, December 31, 2017 (All day)
LocationGallery 903 Map
Address903 NW Davis St., Portland
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